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Today, as was true 100 years ago, the tradition of a company that carries out all the production phases of its range of products in its own facilities, from designing and creating the moulds, to moulding and assembling the products and carrying out final checks on each individual piece, has always guaranteed that the end product is 100% Made in Italy.

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Guide to choosing the right exhaust fan ( download PDF )

Fans can be divided into three main categories, which differ in terms of power, installation and type of use.

Axial fans are those in which the air is powered by a propeller and the flow goes in the same direction when entering and exiting the exaust fan. Usually these are installed in cases where the volume of air to be moved is more important than the pressure drop to be overcome. They can be wall-mounted or installed on a window when used both for introducing and expelling air and should be used where a fairly low pressure, drains located directly outside the location and short sections of pipes are required.

Centrifugal fans are those in which the air is pushed by a paddle wheel and guided through an Auger, forming an angle of 90° between the inlet and the outlet, thus increasing the air pressure. Apply where higher pressures and particularly long and winding exhaust pipes or ducts are required.

Centrifugal in-line fans use a centrifugal impeller with backward curved rotors where the air is conveyed in an axial direction. They are capable of developing high pressures and are designed to be installed between two pipes along the ducts.